Baby Fever

EVERYONE I know is having babies these days. I am way way way behind the curve in life matters, apparently. So I guess it was appropriate that last night I had quite the vivid dream in which I suddenly found myself mother to a baby boy. Oddly enough, he seemed to be growing at a super speedy pace so luckily I got to skip all the newborn issues and he was pretty self sufficient. I’m still undecided if this was a nightmare or not.

I will admit to heaving a sigh of relief when I woke up. So… nightmare?

Edit: For those of you who aren’t on WordPress, it shares a quotation with you every time you post. As I published this particular post, here’s what came up for me: “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. -Marsha Norman” So…. my subconscious is definitely not happy with me.


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