Monthly Archives: October 2012


I just saw a commercial for Pepperidge Farm’s Jingos! crackers. First of all, when did it become acceptable to market your product by having people stand around and just yell the product name in various foreign accents? Also, the name is reminiscent (intentionally???) of ‘jingoism’ which is a term for seeing your country as superior […]

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Real Women Wear Clothes

Have any of you ever used Rent the Runway? For those unfamiliar with RTR, it’s an e-commerce site that allows women to rent designer dresses. It’s luxury, on a budget. Many women end up ordering two or more sizes of a given dress they would like to wear, because let’s face it– we’re not all […]

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Things that depress me…

… seeing that the creepy sketchball guy from high school just got married to a normal-looking girl. If someone like him can find love, does that mean I’m even weirder than I think???

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