Monthly Archives: December 2012

It’s the Holidays

I’ve been on a bit of a holiday break. Trying not to use the computer TOO much, home with family, catching up on sleep… and my OKC messages, apparently. It’s amazing how many guys come out of the woodwork around the holiday season. I’ve got a couple theories on why this is: a. Boredom. They’re […]

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Of Exes and Twitter Revelations

So, through the magic of Twitter and Facebook I have discovered that a guy I used to date is now married. [This is not the first time this has happened]. This is a guy for whom I fell hard, head over heels like a pinwheel. I’ve never felt the way I did about him about […]

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I ran a 5K last weekend. The Miss Santa 5K, which I ran last year, and which was the first ‘real’ 5K I ran. I started running again in preparation for this year’s race a few weeks ago, but prior to that I hadn’t run since April. Oh, also I was pretty jet lagged, having […]

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This post is a few days late, but better late than never. As of last Saturday I am finished with taking my medication for the DVT/PE I suffered back in June. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

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