It’s the Holidays

I’ve been on a bit of a holiday break. Trying not to use the computer TOO much, home with family, catching up on sleep… and my OKC messages, apparently. It’s amazing how many guys come out of the woodwork around the holiday season. I’ve got a couple theories on why this is:

a. Boredom. They’re home home with not that many people around, or home with family, and not much too do late at night.
b. Engagements. The holidays are a single person wasteland. It seems like every other picture on my Facebook feed is of yet another couple flashing a ring photo or updating their relationship status. All that is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just yet another reminder that I’m still single, for both me and well-meaning (but persistent) family members.
c. New Year’s Eve. No one wants to be alone on New Year’s Eve. There’s that cultural perception that NYE is this glamorous night for kissing someone special under the mistletoe, when the clock changes to 12:01 AM, and guys figure that now is the time to go on the prowl to find someone to be with when that happens.

So boys, thank you for all your emails and text messages. See you in January.


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