I coulda been a model

I was at the gym the other day and picked up one of the many celebrity magazines to distract me from my workout. The cover article was about people who had lost large amounts of weight. To my surprise I realized that some of the women profiled in the article were about my height and my (current) weight. While most of them had lost considerably more weight than I have, it was kind of eye-opening to realize that women who looked like me and had comparable body types were being applauded for the way they looked.

That might sound weird but, I’ll admit– most days I look in the mirror and I don’t see much difference in the way I (think I) look now and the way I looked 30 lbs ago. Now, realistically I know there are differences. I can tell this from my clothing, from the way my body feels, and from the compliments I’m getting from my co-workers nearly every single day. (By the way, my co-workers are the best.) However, my mental image hasn’t quite caught up to this new me. Looking at the magazine, I think I need to start reconciling this discrepancy between the physical and the mental me.


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