Missed Connections

Remember that guy I ran into at the sushi place a few weeks ago? The one who said he’d ask me out if I was a little older? Well, I decided to do something I’ve never done before, and I posted a Missed Connection on Craigslist. That’s right, I posted on Craigslist. What is the world coming to???

Anyway, as one might imagine, I have been getting quite the responses. None of which are from the dude in question himself, but it’s totally fine since the amusement value is through the roof. Most of the responses so far have been along the lines of, ‘I’m not the guy you posted about but I’ll take you out’. One guy brazenly asked me where I was going to take HIM out. The best response so far however has come from “R”, who posted the following (emphasis, comments and list formatting all mine, words all his):

I read your Craigs List posting. I’m single and I’d like to chat and then meet.

5′ 7′
147 lbs
blue eyes
brown hair

How tall are you? {This question tells me he’s probably not really 5’7. And worried I’d be taller than him, IF I were to actually meet up with him}

and I’ll make you laugh.

I have:
a business
a house with no mortgage {Oh my}
and a Lexus with a GPS. {Oh, a Lexus… AND a separate GPS??? Sweet sassafras you know just what to say to make a girl feel overheated}

I like going to:
comedy shows
seaport towns
heated pools
hot tubs
touristy type places
and vacations, especially to the Caribbean Islands. {According to one of the pictures he sent me, he also enjoys nude beaches}

If you enjoy these things and fun evenings at home, I’d like to chat with you.
My direct e-mail address is ——@AOL.COM {AOL.com??? Oh no, oh no. You didn’t. Do people still use AOL? Apparently.}


5 Comments on “Missed Connections

  1. Dude. He’s a keeper! I’m not gonna show this post to my wife or she’s going to leave me for this stud (I don’t have a Lexus with a GPS 😦 ).

    But on a not serious note, I’m glad he likes vacations. Cuz I thought he was a nut before that line 😛

  2. Anyone who has an AOL account these days has to be well over 50, more likely over 60! I’d be suspicious of the brown hair, given the AOL address.

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