So, I need to take a poll. Let me set up the context first.

This dude emailed me on my dating site, and although I wasn’t super into him I replied (I am trying to be open to the universe in a positive, non-bitter way). So I wrote back and we started chatting. During the course of our conversation, he wrote this to me (edited):

“My friend made us each come up with two silly ideas and pledge to do them. My first idea is hit someone with pies and/or get hit. Second idea is read my poetry nude.”

Next thing I know, this guy wants to meet up with me before July 10 (there’s a deadline involved here) and stand naked, reciting his poems, while I throw a pie at him.

Preferably somewhere he won’t get arrested for doing this.

Now it’s poll time. What’s your vote?
A: Go for it, it’ll be a hilarious story to tell!
B: Um no, run far far away


9 Comments on “Poll

  1. I’d go for throwing the pie but I’m not sure about the naked poetry… And I’d run far far away if you a) can’t bring a friend and b) don’t feel safe in whatever location he chooses

  2. I’m going with do not do this. He sounds legit crazy. (Though I will be sad to not hear how it went)

  3. As funny of a story as it would be, I totally agree on the stay-away front. Although I also agree with the idea of bringing a friend. Hmm. Tough call. The e-mails are a good story in and of themselves, though.

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