Dating Files #11

True story. This email is completely unedited. From “twofriends4fun”. At least they were polite…?

“Hi there…so this is totally out of the blue and I really hope I don’t offend you…we are two friends …one is 29 named A and other 34 of whom you see the pix named J…AJ recently single..he is mixed but tall dark handsome and a very good lover haha…J is a hottie as you can see…those may or nay not be our regular names haha but I hope you understand we wanna be discreet…we came to the realization that we are two sexual people and wanted to share some experiences…we’ve wanted to do a threesome with a woman for a while and are finally putting it out are so pretty so I couldnt resist…we are just a normal fun couple of guys looking for a friend and maybe some good times together

I hope I didn’t offend you…last thing we want is to make online dating an awful experience for you so my apologies….you are too cute so we couldnt resist

Thanks for your time and we would love to talk but if not sorry again and best of luck 🙂

A and J”


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