Dating Files #12

“YP” messaged me early in the year. His email stood out because he seemed to genuinely want to get to know me as a friend first, and then see if we might be (romantically) compatible later on. It is not the easiest thing in the world to make new friends at this point in my life, so I started emailing with him.


YP pulled a Fade on me. I last heard from him in February of this year. Flash forward to a few days ago, when he popped up out of the blue. Surprise, surprise.

He claimed that he got sick of the site so he never got back to me. Fair enough, except for the fact that OKC allows me to see when other users are active. So — false.

I didn’t bother to respond. Apparently one day of no response was much too long for him because I just got another email tonight: “Soooo???”

My response: “No thank you.”

Sometimes you just have to be straight with these dudes.


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