Monthly Check In

I’m at a conference in DC this week, and during a moment of downtime realized that it’s been almost a month since I checked in here. So yeah. Hello.

There are some topics that have been kicking around my head lately… who knows if I will write more on any of these topics, but here’s what I’ve been thinking about:
-Dating and how it sucks.
-Why we crave honesty when we don’t get it, yet reject it when we do.
-How to maintain a friendship when someone repeatedly doesn’t return your phone calls but manages to find time to post on various social media sites.
-If Facebook is making us all self-absorbed unhappy people, constantly striving to present an image of success and positivity to the world.
-How to ask for emotional support without sounding whiny.
-How to be vulnerable and not have it backfire on you.
-How to come to terms with not always being in control.
-How to be happy.
-If this blog is the right place to discuss any of this.


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