I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. Since 2003. It’s just a random little collection of thoughts, and has evolved over the years. College life, job stuff, business school, dating crap. I’m pretty sure no one really reads this except for a few friends, co-workers, and my dad.

Boom! Guess what guys– not true! I’m a celebrity!!!

I was at BU the other day to speak on a career panel about my job and career path since graduating, and afterwards there was a mingling session in the atrium. I was chatting with some fresh new bschool students and this guy came up to me. Here’s a rough approximation of our conversation:

Him: ‘Hey, so I was at the first career panel that you spoke at, and I wanted to ask you a question but didn’t want to ask in front of everyone else.’
Me: ‘Sure, what is it?’
Him: ‘So, do you write a blog?’
Me: ‘…Uh, yes…?’
Him: ‘Is it called ‘Felishdadish’?’
Me: *Dying*
Him: ‘Yeah so I read some of your posts about starting business school… and then I read the whole thing.’
Me: *Dying*

That’s right, I was recognized! I feel so famous! This is a first for me. Simultaneously one of the most hilarious yet embarrassing moments ever. I can’t believe that not only did someone totally random stumble across my blog, but then actually recognized me in public. What a small world!

According to my celebrity stalker (Hi Nate!), he found it ‘incredibly refreshing to find an actual real human’s opinion on the MBA experience rather than the typical bullet points that make up the rest of the internet.  It definitely helped me relax about any one of the nightmare scenarios I was thinking up at the time (“..armies of investment bankers, RUN!”)’.

Embarrassment aside, how awesome to know that my random ramblings were helpful to someone. That’s so cool. As proof that he’d read my blog, Nate sent me this screenshot of his phone:


Excuse me everyone, I’m going to go and try not to let all this new found fame get to my head. 😀



4 Comments on “Celebrity

  1. One time someone came up to me and said they read my blog also. It felt odd. He was a runner from another local club and we have mutual friends so he was able to put 2+2 together and figure out who I was.
    We’ve spoken at events several times since and now it’s nice to have someone mention they read my last post.
    It’s nice to have people mention the blog, but it takes away from my illusion of anonymity.;) I just find it odd being recognized.

    • Hi Andy! Thank you for the note! I am still blogging, I just have been super swamped this fall/winter and this fell by the wayside… I also have sort of taken a moratorium on dating, so I don’t have as many funny/sad dating updates to post as I did previously. Online dating: 1, Felicia: 0. 🙂 I’m hoping to get back into blogging in 2015! Hope you are well.

      • Glad to hear you are okay, sorry about the dating scene.
        I don’t check in at wordpress.com as much as I used to since moving my blog.
        I’m very busy as well and not posting as often as I used to. Trying to figure out who my audience is. Not getting a lot of response w/ what I’m doing now, so it looks like some change of direction is in order.
        Happy Holidays! Andy

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