It’s Alive!

I finally took the plunge and set up an actual website for myself! I’ve been blogging for years and years with WordPress, but now you can go and learn more about me, check out some of the cool stuff I get up to in my free time, and let me know how this all makes you feel! 

I’ve been thinking about setting up a home for myself in the vast wilds of the Internets for a while, but only got around to doing so fairly recently. This is a major change for someone who used to blog totally anonymously! In a way having all of my online activities gathered in one spot speaks volumes to my organizational, order-loving soul. On the other hand, it’s incredibly revealing to have all these bits and pieces of me hanging out in one easily-accessible location.

I’ll still be blogging, but now I will be able to incorporate a lot more. Check it all out and enjoy!


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