San Francisco Here I Come

Normally I don’t have a hard time responding to people who ask me why I don’t just pick up and move to the West Coast. There are so many reasons! The weather (I like snow!), the seasons, the East Coast pace, proximity to friends and family, public transportation, housing prices, etc. etc. etc.

This winter has made this conversation a little more difficult. Even now as I type this, we had snow yesterday. SNOW. It’s April tomorrow!

I just booked my travel out to SF in May for an extended work trip. Normally I fly in and fly out immediately after my work is done. This year I decided to do things a little differently and spend an extra weekend in SF. A mini vacation of sorts!

So, friends… what should I do while I’m out enjoying the sunshine? Explore the SF nightlife, take day trips, wine country… ? I’m all ears!


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