Femme in STEM

Imposter syndrome is real, and it exists. I’m a woman working in technology, but frequently I have to remind myself of that fact. I have many thoughts on this subject, and it really deserves its own, separate, fully thought-out and fleshed-out discussion. A blog post for another day.

For today, I want to let you all know about an exciting project that is up for release next week. Science Club for Girls, an awesome local nonprofit that supports girls in STEM, is presenting the Media Team’s documentary project “Femme in STEM: Finding a Formula.”

The girls on the SCFG Media Team came by my office several months ago and interviewed me as a local woman in STEM. It was quite the experience! It was great to give the girls a tour of the office space and show them my working environment (I had to clean up my office in advance to make sure there was nothing embarrassing in plain view). Even better was hearing their questions, and speaking about my experiences. They handled everything from coming up with questions, interviewing me, setting up the space and the lighting, and filming.

For local friends, you can watch the entire film, participate in a Q&A with the filmmakers, and participate in a hands-on activity at their Cambridge Science Festival event on April 23, 2015 at 5:15 p.m. RSVP for your ticket today at femmeinstem.eventbrite.com.

You can also help SCFG spread the word about this film by investing in a small crowd-funding campaign to produce DVDs. Every $5 = 1 DVD. Check it out here: https://www.pledgecents.com/cause/kmyxjv/femme-in-stem 

Goodness I really dislike watching myself on film, but for this I’ll make an exception. Can’t wait to see the entire finished product, and I hope to see some of you there too!



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