I Podcast Now

Hello! Guess what? Yesterday we launched our She Geeks Out podcast! Yup that’s right, I’m a podcast host!

Podcast Hosts Extraordinaire

We actually launched a version of this earlier this year, but decided to pull those few episodes and revamp what we had started off with. After learning how to properly hold a microphone (hint: you don’t need to make out with it), figuring out how iTunes works (we’re still not entirely sure), and lining up a bunch of awesome women to chat with, we are now live!

It’s very exciting because I love to talk with anyone who will listen about what Rachel and I are up to with SGO. And I’m also thrilled to be able to highlight the voices of some of the super cool ladies who we get to work with and hear from.


Here’s the deal! Go here and read more about our SGO Podcast Contest (you can win things!). Go to iTunes or whatever app you prefer, subscribe, download, rate and review us. I really do think you’ll like what you hear. And let me know what you think!

Listen to the She Geeks Out Podcast.



[Photo credit: Lonsdale Koester]


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