The internet is ruining my dating life


I will admit, I have been known to screen grab some text exchanges with exes, before I delete their info from my phone. Those texts are the modern-day version of love letters. Which is kind of hilarious, and sad, all at the same time. Instead of a beautifully thought-out and written yellowing letter, I have a text from six months ago that reads ‘Whut up’.

The other murky area of modern-day dating is the leftovers. Nowadays, Facebook friending and following each other on various social media sites is de rigeur if you end up dating someone longer than a month or so. What happens when those relationships end? I have some ‘friends’ and I don’t know how to manage my connection with them. Is it creepy to remain friends/cyber stalkers once the relationship is over? Is it a natural progression in today’s interconnected and digital world?

True Story

When I was a senior in college, I applied for a puppeteering job. [Is puppeteering even a word? Well, it is now]. I made it to second round interviews and things were going swimmingly. Until my interviewer asked me how tall I was.

I was too short to be a puppeteer.

It was heartbreaking. They wouldn’t even let me try out, wearing platform heels. Sad, sad day.

So it was with a certain mixture of feelings the other day that I realized that I was TALLER than the guy I was on a date with. I mean, for someone who’s 5’1 and 3/4 (can’t forget the 3/4) that doesn’t really happen very often. Or, at all, really. I felt gargantuan. I could look down on his head! I felt bad that I hadn’t worn flats! I felt so tall!

I think I prefer being a shorty.

Blast from the Past

I came across an old journal of mine yesterday while cleaning. This is exactly why I love keeping my journals– the chance to read old gems like the following:

February 24, 1992
Dear [inappropriate horse’s name]*,
Sorry for having left you for such a long time. The next few months will be so exciting! I just wish Mom would let me get new pants. All I have is sweatpants. Ugh!
Love, Felicia
P.S. Pants like this –> [hand-drawn picture of stirrup pants]

* I just found out yesterday that this name is actually a racist term for a black person. Um, yeah. No clue whatsoever. Also, how cute of little 10 year old me– all I wanted were some stylin’ stirrup pants! Well, it WAS the 90’s…

First Dates Are So… Interesting?

I should know, I’ve been on enough of them that I should add ‘expert in online dating’ to my LinkedIn profile.

Maybe not.

Going on a Second Date this weekend. It’s kind of exciting/nerve-wracking/scary/fun all at the same time.

It’s been a long time since my last second date. Actually, almost exactly a year. Last year I was miserable, unhappy with the way I felt and looked and lived. This year I consider myself a work in progress– there is still progress to be made, yes, but I feel like a totally different person. I feel younger, cute, fun, confident, happy, and optimistic. It’s a pretty good mental headspace to be in.


I was reading some news articles this morning about the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and its impact on Cantor Fitzgerald. [CF’s CEO Howard Lutnick is a grad of Haverford College, my alma mater.] I can’t quite believe that 11 years have gone by– I can still vividly remember where I was when I first heard that the towers were coming down.

Art class, a brief announcement that some planes had hit in NY, a general query if anyone was from NY. Then, leaving, going back to my dorm, and realizing the enormity and impact of the situation. Watching the second tower fall on my tiny dorm room television. Frantic mental checks to see if I needed to worry about any family or friends.

The rest is mostly a blur. I remember the session that President Tritton held in the Athletic Center, and feeling overwhelmed and outside my own head. The strange silence on campus as traffic dwindled. The slight ping of fear that thrilled through me every time a fighter jet roared overhead. I had mostly forgotten about how my art class responded after that first day. We drew reaction pieces.

I stumbled across a site depicting the gallery show we created this morning. It’s odd how some memories fade, but others remain in sharp relief.


So it’s been a busy busy busy few months. Let’s recap.

* Trip to Bern, Switzerland was a great time spent drinking way too much beer, catching up with coworkers, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

* One day after getting back from Switzerland, I ran my third 5k! Most surprisingly of all, I managed to shave nearly a minute and a half off my previous time. I guess all that beer drinking really paid off, huh.

* The day after my race, Boston had a moment of confusion and thought it was high summer. I spent the day covering myself in sunscreen and watching the Boston Marathon.

* Along with my partner in crime Stephanie, I got to watch Pentatonix perform at the Acapella-palooza acapella concert here in Boston. It was amazing. Even more awesome was the chance to be thisclose to Avi… :-)

* I spent a week and a half in California, visiting the mothership. Turtles, marshmallows and viking hats were involved. Good times.

So now I’m back, and looking forward to a bit of a break over Memorial Day weekend. It’s been quite the whirlwind spring!