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Inverse Logic

Why is it that the minute someone becomes slightly unavailable, my interest level skyrockets?

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Hard-Won Lessons

This is a really lovely Modern Love column that came out last week: Being a single person searching for love teaches you that not everything is under your control. You can’t control whether the person you’ve fallen for will call. You can’t force yourself to have feelings for the nice guy your best friend fixed […]

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So I Lied

I said I was going to focus on me and what makes me happy… instead I find myself thinking about the past and going over what if’s and if only’s. It’s not healthy, it’s not fun, and it’s not productive. I think I’m finally understanding that no amount of wishing is going to change reality. […]

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The internet is ruining my dating life

This: I will admit, I have been known to screen grab some text exchanges with exes, before I delete their info from my phone. Those texts are the modern-day version of love letters. Which is kind of hilarious, and sad, all at the same time. Instead of a beautifully thought-out and written yellowing letter, […]

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Tips for Single Women

A gem from 1938… I’m definitely guilty of doing some of these things! Dating has come a long way in the last 70 years– for better or for worse. I do find it interesting how this gives us a glimpse into what the male and female roles were back then.

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Dating Tricks

This article has some good things to remember when dating: I particularly like the ones about complimenting others as well as yourself, and choosing wisely. Be self-confident in who you are, and don’t be shy about telling the person you’re dating why you like them. And don’t, DON’T, get caught up in dating someone […]

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Strike Two

Dating Tips for Dudes: If you’re going to wimp out and continually cancel on our dates at the last minute, at least come up with a good excuse. Texting me that you are upset after a phone call with your mom doesn’t exactly make me want to give you yet another shot. Here are some […]

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The Meaning of the Profile View

Dating Tips for Dudes: If I’m checking out your profile online after we’ve started talking, it means one of a very few things: 1. I forgot what you wrote on your profile because I have a bad short term memory and I date a lot 2. I forgot that I already looked at you before […]

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Learn to read

If I write in an email: ‘I prefer not to text with someone before we meet up’, what do YOU think is the correct response? A: ‘Sounds good, let’s make plans to meet up’ B: ‘No problem, I respect your decision’ C: ‘Would you care to text?’ Or, D: ‘Would you care to text?’ [Me: […]

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True Story

When I was a senior in college, I applied for a puppeteering job. [Is puppeteering even a word? Well, it is now]. I made it to second round interviews and things were going swimmingly. Until my interviewer asked me how tall I was. I was too short to be a puppeteer. It was heartbreaking. They […]

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