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How To…

… escape a bad date: Stop the guy as you’re walking to a concert together and tell him the following: ‘it’s too hot to continue this date. SO….. I think I’m just going to Uber home.’ Stand and watch him walk away from you until you’re sure he’s not going to look back, and run in […]

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Over It

So I tried to sign up for a ‘new’ dating website (new as in, I haven’t used it in a few years) over the weekend just to mix things up a bit. Almost immediately I was reminded why I hate dating and online dating in particular, when I got a message from naked poetry pie […]

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Boston is Small 2.0

That awkward moment when you bump into that guy at the gym who you went on a date with ages ago and who never texted back. Also you see him on the regular at the coffee shop he works at. No eye contact!

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Being depressed in the summertime is way worse than being depressed in the winter. You’re expected to be happy and cheerful in the summer. In the winter you can always blame your feelings on the weather, on your cold, on the long dark days… in the summer there are no excuses.

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OK. Yes. There is a ton of snow. In fact, it just won’t stop snowing. Shoes? What are those? I only wear boots. I can barely remember a time when I actually left my apartment and went to work on a Monday morning. But, I kind of like this crazy weather! Why? People actually talk to […]

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Dating Files #23

Remember Benjamin From The Internet? He’s back!   I will admit to being slightly perturbed that OKC thinks this is ‘one of the best messages’ I’ve ever received. Do they know that we are already together?! Or that this guy is a TOTAL weirdo?! EDIT: Also… Wakefield…? Ugh.

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Dating Files #22

“Benjamin from the Internet” (his words, not mine) sent me this enticing note. Good bye, singlehood!  

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Happy Holidays! Once again I’m entering this holiday season trying to ignore all the engagement/pregnancy/puppy/happiness going on around me as best I can. I’ve decided to take a break from my online dating escapades for a while, after a particularly disappointing outcome with the last guy. Why is dating so complicated? And why is the […]

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Well Hello There Pt 2

The dangers of gchat-ing with someone before actually meeting up is that sometimes a random guy will email you a picture. You’ll be confused because said picture was on his dating website profile, and you’ve already seen it. So he says he’s going to email you another picture, but you suspect it’s going to be […]

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Well Hello There

The dangers of texting with someone before actually meeting up is that sometimes when you leave your phone on silent overnight, you wake up to not 1, not 2, but 10 text messages– one of which is a picture of a random dude’s junk. Yes. His JUNK. Well hello there. How about some abs or […]

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