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OK. Yes. There is a ton of snow. In fact, it just won’t stop snowing. Shoes? What are those? I only wear boots. I can barely remember a time when I actually left my apartment and went to work on a Monday morning. But, I kind of like this crazy weather! Why? People actually talk to […]

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I woke up this morning, checked my OKC messages, and then took a look at who had viewed my profile during the night. TO MY HORROR one of my coworkers had taken a look at my profile. Not going to lie, I MAY be slightly traumatized.

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Um, Yeah

Some dude just sent me a note on the online dating site I frequent. It read: “I want to cuddle the fuck out of you.” Um. Yeah. I don’t even… … I mean Just, no.

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I ran a 5K last weekend. The Miss Santa 5K, which I ran last year, and which was the first ‘real’ 5K I ran. I started running again in preparation for this year’s race a few weeks ago, but prior to that I hadn’t run since April. Oh, also I was pretty jet lagged, having […]

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Lesson #580

It’s surprising how much easier it is to go for a run when you’re not carrying 25-odd pounds of baggage on your body. Not saying that I … enjoyed … it. I’m just saying it wasn’t quite as horrific as I’d anticipated, given that the last time I went for a run was in APRIL. […]

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Things that depress me…

… seeing that the creepy sketchball guy from high school just got married to a normal-looking girl. If someone like him can find love, does that mean I’m even weirder than I think???

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Insanity- Trader Joe’s Style

Note to self: Stay. Away. From. Trader Joe’s. On the first day back to school for college kids. It was a nightmare. I just wanted to dash in and dash out with a few items for my dinner last night, but I ended up getting sucked into the third circle of Hell (Gluttony), and I […]

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I saw the new Disney Pixar movie Brave a week or two ago. Going in I was excited to finally see a D/P movie that featured a strong female character. Going out, I had just one question– why did she have to be such a COLOSSAL brat? I mean seriously, what an unattractive, annoying, whiny […]

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Cautionary Tale

So, the final verdict is in– I have blood clots in my leg. Definitely NOT what I was expecting. I was woken up yesterday morning around 6:30 by the doctor I’d seen the day before. Somewhere in the sleep haze I started realizing that she wanted me to go to the ER– right away. So […]

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So, the doctor’s visit today was inconclusive. Basically, the leg pain I’ve been experiencing could be due to one of several reasons: A simple pulled muscle Blood clot Shin splints Low potassium Stress fracture I’ll know more once I get my blood results back, hopefully soon. But essentially the main takeaways are that I have […]

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