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I’m Still Here

Wow, life has been busy. No posts here since March! Lots to update on, but that’s a post for another time. Just wanted to quickly note how crazy life is– four years ago this month I was visiting the doctor almost daily, giving myself shots, and getting blood drawn on the regular. I was miserable, […]

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That Special Moment

October nights are for watching scary movies, exclaiming ‘holy shit!’ at a particularly heart-in-throat moment, and having your cat give you a look of scorn for being such a baby.

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Wow, things got gloomy there for a little while, huh? What can I say… it was very nice to wake up today and feel happy and back to my usual self. That’s what friend cheerleaders, exercise, and awesome She Geeks Out events will do for ya, apparently!

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Ladies Lounge- Recap

The Ladies Lounge- Tech talk (courtesy of General Assembly, WeWork, and Just Us Gals Boston) last night was, in a word, fabulous. Sitting among a group of amazing women reminded me of how lucky I am to be living in an area where we have such a vibrant and active community. I remember when I […]

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I was recently contacted by a student from my alma mater, Haverford College, who asked if I would be willing to participate in a series of Q&A about my career and the journey from HC to where I am now. Of course I said yes! I loved loved loved my time spent at Haverford. I […]

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Femme in STEM

Imposter syndrome is real, and it exists. I’m a woman working in technology, but frequently I have to remind myself of that fact. I have many thoughts on this subject, and it really deserves its own, separate, fully thought-out and fleshed-out discussion. A blog post for another day. For today, I want to let you all […]

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In the News

One of the things that I don’t talk about very much is the fact that I am partially deaf. This is a genetic condition and I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 25 years now. This is a simple part of who I am and an additional facet to my person and character. […]

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It’s Alive!

I finally took the plunge and set up an actual website for myself! I’ve been blogging for years and years with WordPress, but now you can go and learn more about me, check out some of the cool stuff I get up to in my free time, and let me know how this all makes […]

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Is it ever going to stop snowing? Wishing I was anywhere but here in Boston right now. So far February has been quite the mixed bag. My goal for this month is to STOP OVERTHINKING THINGS. I need to learn how to live in the now. Take things at face value. Be happy. I’ll let […]

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I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. Since 2003. It’s just a random little collection of thoughts, and has evolved over the years. College life, job stuff, business school, dating crap. I’m pretty sure no one really reads this except for a few friends, co-workers, and my dad. Boom! Guess what guys– not […]

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