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Happy New Year!

I’ve spent the first day of 2013 searching for and finding lost items. About twenty different items, all told. I don’t know if this is going to be a theme for the year or not, but if so at least I ended up finding everything I lost… eventually. :-) I also spent the day with […]

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Well Hello There, 2012!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe I have to start learning how to write 2012 now. I still remember being in grade school and having difficulty replacing the ’87 with an ’88. That was a long time ago. 2011 was a mixed-up year. It was filled with some incredible highs: -Travel to India -Graduation from […]

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Happy Holidays

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m kind of inordinately excited about this year’s holiday season. I didn’t get a chance to properly celebrate last year, since at this time 2010 I was busy preparing for my epic India trip. I think the actual night of Christmas Eve was spent at a friend’s wedding reception. […]

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Alcoholic Pasta

This is my last week of vacation before I start work next week, so I thought I’d attempt a new recipe and a new style of blog post. I think the key word here is ATTEMPT. Please bear with me. I tried to recreate this amazing-looking recipe from the Pioneer Woman, but due to some […]

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Hello Dear Sister

This is my sister, Simone. She doesn’t need a wheelchair to get around. She just likes to chill in assistive seating devices. What can I say? She’s weird like that. She programmed herself into my cellphone as “Beloved Simone”. Every time I go to call her I think Toni Morrison’s gotten ahold of my phone […]

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Went horseback riding on the beach in Isabela, PR Explored the underwater caves along the beach + Checked out Cabo Rojo + Poolside dinner Not a bad day’s work

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Keep it Together

I am going out of town until next Monday, my devoted fans/readers/stalkers. Chances of my blogging are slim. Please try to hold it together until I get back. That is all. P.S. Am I the only one who gets tired thinking about going on vacation? I need a vacation to recover from the vacation I […]

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Devilishly Hot

In Philly this week, as in most of the country, we’ve been blasted with crazyhot weather. And Philadelphia hot weather is the worst because of the HUMIDITY. In case you are not familiar with what true humidity feels like, imagine that you are inside your house. Open the door, and step outside. The air outside […]

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I’m On A Boat…

And in a car, and on a ferry…. Spending the weekend on the Cape, the day on Martha’s Vineyard, and the 4th at a bash in Cambridge. Tough schedule, but I think I’m up for the challenge.

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