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It’s Alive!

I finally took the plunge and set up an actual website for myself! I’ve been blogging for years and years with WordPress, but now you can go and learn more about me, check out some of the cool stuff I get up to in my free time, and let me know how this all makes […]

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OK. Yes. There is a ton of snow. In fact, it just won’t stop snowing. Shoes? What are those? I only wear boots. I can barely remember a time when I actually left my apartment and went to work on a Monday morning. But, I kind of like this crazy weather! Why? People actually talk to […]

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2014 in review

Wow I feel really guilty, I haven’t posted on this blog in ages. WordPress helpfully reminded me of my slackerhood with this annual report they put together. I’ve been struggling to figure out what the purpose of this blog is, does anyone read it, what should I write about, what do I WANT to write […]

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I’ve been writing this blog for a long time. Since 2003. It’s just a random little collection of thoughts, and has evolved over the years. College life, job stuff, business school, dating crap. I’m pretty sure no one really reads this except for a few friends, co-workers, and my dad. Boom! Guess what guys– not […]

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Hard-Won Lessons

This is a really lovely Modern Love column that came out last week: Being a single person searching for love teaches you that not everything is under your control. You can’t control whether the person you’ve fallen for will call. You can’t force yourself to have feelings for the nice guy your best friend fixed […]

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Hello Gorgeous

Hellooooo 2014! I ushered in the new year with new friends, delicious dinner and drinks, music and dancing. Not a bad way to get this party started. Not sorry at all to see the last of 2013. Excited for all the possibilities ahead of me!

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So, I need to take a poll. Let me set up the context first. This dude emailed me on my dating site, and although I wasn’t super into him I replied (I am trying to be open to the universe in a positive, non-bitter way). So I wrote back and we started chatting. During the […]

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Discount Signage

I came across these two signs at TJ Maxx today and although I’m sure they were mass produced in a factory somewhere, I actually really feel like both signs exemplify how I try to live my life. So of course I took a shady picture (super bad quality unfortunately) and am rewriting here. I don’t […]

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Things that make me happy…

Warm weather Weekends spent with friends Live music Sunshine Cold beer Jumping Watching little kids rock it out Sleeping in Crossing things off the to-do list Third dates with cute boys Coffee Inside jokes

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I got a text message the other day. It read: “Help” “Hello!” I responded with: “Who is this?” And that was the end of that very odd conversation. I’m still not sure if I should be disturbed or not. I also still have no idea who it was.

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