She Geeks Out

I co-founded and run She Geeks Out, formerly known as the Boston Girl Geek Dinner group, with my fabulous business partner Rachel MurrayI originally became involved with BGGD as the first sponsor (via VMware) of the group back in June 2013. On a cold, rainy spring night we hosted 80 women at VMware in Cambridge. I had so much fun that I decided that I wanted to remain engaged in some way.

Over the past several years we’ve built the group up into a dynamic community of smart, interesting, and geeky women. In 2014 we decided to rebrand and form a company. There were many reasons why, but the main ones for me were:

  1. We’re not girls
  2. We don’t do dinner

She Geeks Out launch party spring 2015


Where does that leave us today? She Geeks Out is one of, if not the, largest women in STEAM* groups in the Boston/Cambridge area. In fall 2016 both Rachel and I quit our full time jobs in order to focus completely on SGO. We expanded into NYC. We also developed out a second arm of the company, focusing on delivering corporate training on diversity and inclusion.

Oh– we also podcast! Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever other podcast tool you prefer. Our episodes come out bi-weekly and feature interviews with cool geeky women (and sometimes men!).


We podcast!

We podcast!


Would you like to be involved? Are you interested in learning more? Drop me a line at felicia at shegeeksout dot com.


*STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics.