It’s the Holidays

I’ve been on a bit of a holiday break. Trying not to use the computer TOO much, home with family, catching up on sleep… and my OKC messages, apparently. It’s amazing how many guys come out of the woodwork around the holiday season. I’ve got a couple theories on why this is:

a. Boredom. They’re home home with not that many people around, or home with family, and not much too do late at night.
b. Engagements. The holidays are a single person wasteland. It seems like every other picture on my Facebook feed is of yet another couple flashing a ring photo or updating their relationship status. All that is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just yet another reminder that I’m still single, for both me and well-meaning (but persistent) family members.
c. New Year’s Eve. No one wants to be alone on New Year’s Eve. There’s that cultural perception that NYE is this glamorous night for kissing someone special under the mistletoe, when the clock changes to 12:01 AM, and guys figure that now is the time to go on the prowl to find someone to be with when that happens.

So boys, thank you for all your emails and text messages. See you in January.

Happy Holidays

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m kind of inordinately excited about this year’s holiday season. I didn’t get a chance to properly celebrate last year, since at this time 2010 I was busy preparing for my epic India trip. I think the actual night of Christmas Eve was spent at a friend’s wedding reception. All good things. But not quite the typical American Christmas season complete with snow, winter jackets, Christmas carols, and Christmas trees.

Which is why I am loving my little Christmas tree. Or, as I have been calling it, my Beer Tree. This is a ‘gift’ from my parents, who frequently get beer-themed items like this.


Here’s another shot of the tree. In case you can’t tell, not only is the topper a Coors Light “Make it a Banquet” sign, but the ornaments are also Coors Light ornament balls.


And here is a pic of my electric log fire. It’s kind of ridiculously awesome. It came with the apartment but I love it.


It’s not the holidays until you’ve got the electric logs flickering away and the Coors Light sign beaming out!

P.S. People have actually found this blog by Googling Coors Light Christmas tree ornament…. wow.


Will be SO glad when this week is over! It’s been such a dragging, long blah week. I suppose that’s to be expected, the week after Thanksgiving.

Woke up this morning with some “chuckles” in my stomach (as A likes to say) from the super spicy Indian food last night. Gag. Almost called in sick, but decided to suck it up and go into work anyway. Then at work I spilled coffee all over myself when I tried to take a sip out of my non-sippable thermos. Riiiiiight. Luckily, my sweater (black) absorbed all the coffee with no visible stains, and whatever was left over seems to have been soaked up nicely by the carpet.:-/

Only a few weeks before Christmas. I need to start working on gift ideas!