The internet is ruining my dating life

This: I will admit, I have been known to screen grab some text exchanges with exes, before I delete their info from my phone. Those texts are the modern-day version of love letters. Which is kind of hilarious, and sad, all at the same time. Instead of a beautifully thought-out and written yellowing letter, […]

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Dating Tricks

This article has some good things to remember when dating: I particularly like the ones about complimenting others as well as yourself, and choosing wisely. Be self-confident in who you are, and don’t be shy about telling the person you’re dating why you like them. And don’t, DON’T, get caught up in dating someone […]

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Learn to read

If I write in an email: ‘I prefer not to text with someone before we meet up’, what do YOU think is the correct response? A: ‘Sounds good, let’s make plans to meet up’ B: ‘No problem, I respect your decision’ C: ‘Would you care to text?’ Or, D: ‘Would you care to text?’ [Me: […]

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I was spontaneous tonight. I’m in a new city, far from home, no friends in this town. My one free night and nothing to do. So of course I reverted back to what I do best, and had a date with a local. I almost bailed at the last minute but decided to just go […]

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What is it about being with a boy I like– really like– that turns me into a bumbling babbling ridiculous person? I mean, it’s kind of hilarious how horrible the transformation is from put-together well-spoken woman to Ms. Awkward. He says he finds it ‘endearing.’ Let’s hope he continues to think that way…

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Battle Scarred

I’m battle scarred, I am working oh so hard To get back to who I used to be -A Fine Frenzy Trying to get back to a better mental head space. Back in the game. This is so exhausting already.

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OK. I get it. Sometimes there just aren’t any answers.

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So last year (and pretty much forever), my reaction to highly stressful or upsetting situations would be to eat. I would feed my sadness with food. This year, apparently I no longer feel the need to turn to food when upset. I’m not really sure why this change has occurred, but I’ve had absolutely no […]

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Thought Bubbles

You know how in comic books people walk around with what they’re thinking conveniently written up in little thought bubbles? Why can’t we have the equivalent of that in real life? It would make interactions so much easier. Instead of having to guess at what an email, text message, or conversation really means, (if it […]

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I think I kinda forgot how dating works. Pros: Anticipatory butterflies Telling old worn out stories and having them glitter like new Learning about someone else/ Having someone else learn about you Small touches here and there, exciting and slightly subversive Cons: There are no rules to this game It’s hard to figure out just […]

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