So, I met with the ex today. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do. But, after the great computer fiasco of 2013, I discovered that I was missing one of my Office CDs and I’d thought he might have it. He didn’t, but he wanted to meet up anyway so we could exchange some […]

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Of Exes and Twitter Revelations

So, through the magic of Twitter and Facebook I have discovered that a guy I used to date is now married. [This is not the first time this has happened]. This is a guy for whom I fell hard, head over heels like a pinwheel. I’ve never felt the way I did about him about […]

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Listen Here, You!

When you start password protecting your blog posts, you make it VERY difficult for me to conduct my online stalking in a proper fashion! I demand that this situation be rectified AT ONCE.

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