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I’ve written before about how, for the past year, I’ve been seeing a nutritionist weekly. However, when I moved to a new apartment in the beginning of September my nutritionist and I decided to take a break. This is not a bad thing! But we decided that– what with my crazy schedule, along with where […]

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First Dates Are So… Interesting?

I should know, I’ve been on enough of them that I should add ‘expert in online dating’ to my LinkedIn profile. Maybe not. Going on a Second Date this weekend. It’s kind of exciting/nerve-wracking/scary/fun all at the same time. It’s been a long time since my last second date. Actually, almost exactly a year. Last […]

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In other news, aka my life is kinda boring right now and I’m mostly OK with that, I am down nearly 10 lbs since my health scare in June. Huzzah! I have been working very hard to learn how to live a new, healthier lifestyle. One that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, eating for hunger […]

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