Dating Files #3

This is a mini-epic of a post. Settle in. I spent yesterday wandering around Somerville Open Studios. I’d wanted to check out the Artisan’s Asylum which promised robots. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with robots?? Plus it was a gorgeous spring day in the city and I wanted to get the heck […]

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OK. I get it. Sometimes there just aren’t any answers.

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So last year (and pretty much forever), my reaction to highly stressful or upsetting situations would be to eat. I would feed my sadness with food. This year, apparently I no longer feel the need to turn to food when upset. I’m not really sure why this change has occurred, but I’ve had absolutely no […]

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I never asked you for A sailboat in the yard Or that fancy dress to wear Or a ceiling made of stars And all I got was just this Broken heart from you I’m done. From “Farewell” -Rosie Thomas

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Thought Bubbles

You know how in comic books people walk around with what they’re thinking conveniently written up in little thought bubbles? Why can’t we have the equivalent of that in real life? It would make interactions so much easier. Instead of having to guess at what an email, text message, or conversation really means, (if it […]

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I think I kinda forgot how dating works. Pros: Anticipatory butterflies Telling old worn out stories and having them glitter like new Learning about someone else/ Having someone else learn about you Small touches here and there, exciting and slightly subversive Cons: There are no rules to this game It’s hard to figure out just […]

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First Dates Are So… Interesting?

I should know, I’ve been on enough of them that I should add ‘expert in online dating’ to my LinkedIn profile. Maybe not. Going on a Second Date this weekend. It’s kind of exciting/nerve-wracking/scary/fun all at the same time. It’s been a long time since my last second date. Actually, almost exactly a year. Last […]

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Wednesdays are better

The sun has come out, finally!!!! What a gorgeous day. There is no way I couldn’t feel terrific on a day like today. What a great spring present from Boston. I’m going to try and finish up some reading so I can go back outside and enjoy the sun. But in the meantime, I’m glad […]

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Mondays are the Worst Days….

How bad was this Monday? Let me count the ways: 1. Spring forward. The clock in our classroom still read 7 AM this morning, instead of 8 AM. I woke up at what should have been 5:45 AM. UGH. 2. Midterms returned bright and early– NOT the way I prefer to wake up, thanks very […]

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