Dating Files #24

As we enter into the long dark days of winter 2015, the dating scene is not looking any better. Here’s a note I recently received. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to meet this guy on any bridges… (I can swim I swear, but that shouldn’t be a first date condition).  

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Dating Files #21

Sometimes having to wade through hit or miss emails on a dating site is totally worth it: Hello, how are you? You are a very gorgeous women. Im definitely attracted to you and I am interested in experiencing a conversation with you. . I am a musician, I write, sing, play bass and guitar to […]

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Dating Files #20

One from the files. Last year I went on vacation and (naturally) started texting with a cute boy while away. I met him on OKC (where else) and we’d started chatting. His profile had a picture of him walking away from the camera, and when I asked him why he didn’t have a picture of […]

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Dating Files #19

I don’t get inundated with emails from OKC guys, but I get my fair share. Most of them tend to be along the lines of the following: they say time reveal all and heal all wounds so i wounder what a life time would reveal with you…how you doing I can’t help but read this […]

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Dating Files #17

Guys like this are why I’m still available. Just an average scroll through OKC. Also, I think there is an animal pelt in pic #1??? Guys, no.

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Dating Files #14

Just because tomorrow is a city-wide snow day doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you. Ugh sometimes guys are the worst.

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Inverse Logic

Why is it that the minute someone becomes slightly unavailable, my interest level skyrockets?

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Dating Files #12

“YP” messaged me early in the year. His email stood out because he seemed to genuinely want to get to know me as a friend first, and then see if we might be (romantically) compatible later on. It is not the easiest thing in the world to make new friends at this point in my […]

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Dating Files #11

True story. This email is completely unedited. From “twofriends4fun”. At least they were polite…? “Hi there…so this is totally out of the blue and I really hope I don’t offend you…we are two friends …one is 29 named A and other 34 of whom you see the pix named J…AJ recently single..he is mixed but […]

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Dating Files #10

I haven’t posted one of these in a while. So there was the time that I went out with Polyamorous Man. I actually didn’t realized he was poly when I originally messaged him, nor was I particularly interested in dating him. However, he mentioned that he was involved in blues dancing on his profile and […]

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