Inverse Logic

Why is it that the minute someone becomes slightly unavailable, my interest level skyrockets?

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Strike Two

Dating Tips for Dudes: If you’re going to wimp out and continually cancel on our dates at the last minute, at least come up with a good excuse. Texting me that you are upset after a phone call with your mom doesn’t exactly make me want to give you yet another shot. Here are some […]

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The Meaning of the Profile View

Dating Tips for Dudes: If I’m checking out your profile online after we’ve started talking, it means one of a very few things: 1. I forgot what you wrote on your profile because I have a bad short term memory and I date a lot 2. I forgot that I already looked at you before […]

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Learn to read

If I write in an email: ‘I prefer not to text with someone before we meet up’, what do YOU think is the correct response? A: ‘Sounds good, let’s make plans to meet up’ B: ‘No problem, I respect your decision’ C: ‘Would you care to text?’ Or, D: ‘Would you care to text?’ [Me: […]

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True Story

When I was a senior in college, I applied for a puppeteering job. [Is puppeteering even a word? Well, it is now]. I made it to second round interviews and things were going swimmingly. Until my interviewer asked me how tall I was. I was too short to be a puppeteer. It was heartbreaking. They […]

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So, I need to take a poll. Let me set up the context first. This dude emailed me on my dating site, and although I wasn’t super into him I replied (I am trying to be open to the universe in a positive, non-bitter way). So I wrote back and we started chatting. During the […]

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Things that really make me happy…

Last night’s text message saying “can’t wait to see you this weekend”. Did I mention that this new boy is super cute?

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Things that make me happy…

Warm weather Weekends spent with friends Live music Sunshine Cold beer Jumping Watching little kids rock it out Sleeping in Crossing things off the to-do list Third dates with cute boys Coffee Inside jokes

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It’s finally happened. At the work beer bash this afternoon one of my co-workers told me he’d seen me last weekend. While I was on a date. Boston why must you be so small??? Luckily my co-worker decided not to come over and say hi, ’cause that would have been pretty awkward.

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I woke up this morning, checked my OKC messages, and then took a look at who had viewed my profile during the night. TO MY HORROR one of my coworkers had taken a look at my profile. Not going to lie, I MAY be slightly traumatized.

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